Light Rail & Future Expansion

Plans are underway to extend light rail south from the Lincoln Station. This 2.3 mile double-track extension will stop at Sky Ridge Medical Center, at the proposed Lone Tree City Center, and at its new southern terminus, a 2,000 space Park and Ride station south of RidgeGate Parkway and east of I-25.

85% of residents describe the light rail as enhancing the City’s quality of life.

  • A new interchange is open at I-25 and RidgeGate Parkway, allowing increased highway access to downtown Lone Tree.
  • Sky Ridge Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente have both announced major expansions on the Sky Ridge campus. These expansions will create hundreds of direct, indirect and induced jobs along the new transit line.
  • Cabela’s will anchor a retail/hotel facility near the proposed RidgeGate Parkway and I-25. In addition, several hotels plan to expand into the area, and more multi-family housing is planned or presently under construction. A new corporate campus is planned just north of Cabela’s.*


*Report was prepared by Patrick Holwell, Workforce Economist, and Dawn Gardner, Business Development Supervisor, Arapahoe/Douglas Works! at the request of the City of Lone Tree. Date of publication, December 4, 2012.